Classic Lash Full Set - $160

A full set of single strand eyelash extensions that creates a longer and fuller lash line.

Classic Lash Mini Fill - $45

(1- 14 days after previous appointment)

Classic Lash Refil - $70

(15 - 30 days after previous appointment)


Microblading Initial Session - $425

2 - 3 hour microblading session that includes consultation, brow shaping, numbing and blading

Microblading Touch Up - $100

Microblading session that occurs 4 - 6 weeks post initial session. This session is to fine tune and add detail to the microbladed brow.

Hybrid Lash Full Set - $180

A full set of 1/2 Classic lashes and 1/2 Russian Volume lashes. Creates a fuller look than classic lashes and has a textured look.

Hybrid Lash Refill - $85

(1 - 4 weeks after previous appointment)

Russian Volume Lash Full Set - $220

A full set of thinner diameter lash extensions that are hand made into fans to create a dense and thick lash line. These lashes look voluminous, yet soft and delicate. Russian Volume lashes require less frequent fills than Classic lashes if cared for properly.

Russian Volume Refill - $105

(1 - 4 weeks after previous appointment)

*A $20 per week fee is added to the price of any refill service that takes place after 4 weeks since last appointment.